Tuesday, 3 February 2015

2015 sewing plans

Happy (belated) New Year to anyone out there who's still reading! I've really enjoyed reading everyone's reflection and forward planning posts but it feels a bit late for one of them now. I'll just say that 2014 was a brilliant year for me! I got to watch our little baby become a little boy and feel so lucky to be a part of his life. In addition I've made some pretty special new friends in Walthamstow, spent lots of time with family and friends, and visited new places including a lovely week in Cornwall.

January has whizzed past in a blur of family time and returning to part-time work.  It's been hard to make the time to sew but I've realised that 10 minutes here and there really do add up, and that these creative minutes are important for me. Already this year I've finished up 2 little girls skirts which I had cut out last September/October. I'll do a separate post on them as it's such a great pattern.

Last year I aimed to take part in the Stash Diet, in Me Made May and in the end did neither. This year I'm not going to set myself too many goals but I thought it might help me to have some short term plans. I'll probably just stick a post-it note above my sewing machine with a list of potential, and realistic, sewing goals for the following few months.

My goals for January were a long-sleeved Plantain t-shirt in pink jersey which I've finished and absolutely love! In fact I'm wearing as I type - just need to get some photos now. I've also started sewing a purple jersey skirt which is almost finished. Oh, and the 2 skirts I mentioned above. I'm very happy with that,especially as I've just started back work this month to.  For February I'd like to finish the jersey skirt, draft a t-shirt dress pattern using the same jersey skirt pattern (drafted by a friend) coupled with either the Plantain or the Scout tee. I've also got some See Kate Sew raglan tee's to sew for my wee boy and for gifts. And if I have any time left after that I've got a burgundy lace jersey Scout tee all cut out and waiting to be sewn up (it's been ready to sew since last summer!).

Plantain in progress, and my first time doing flat insert sleeves

Does anyone have any tips for sewing in short bursts of time? or sewing with a baby? My sewing machine is right outside Harris's room so I don't tend to sew at night in case I wake him up, which means sewing is restricted to weekends, bringing the machine through to the living room, and the occasional 10 minute sew with Harris playing happily beside me in the hall. I might just need to brave the night-time sewing and see if he gets used to the sound of the sewing machine - I guess it could be like white noise?!