Saturday, 26 August 2017

Vogue 1247 - another pink skirt

When I wore this the other day I realised this is the fourth bright pink skirt I've made.  These photos were taken the day after I finished it so it went straight from the sewing machine to being worn - a definite success! Since then I've worn it 2 or 3 times so I know it's going to be a new wardrobe staple. I am so pleased with how it's turned out and I'm kind of hoping it will work in winter too though I have a feeling the fabric will just stick to tights so I'll just need to wait and see. It goes with lots of different tops but I think this pairing - with my (still unblogged) Marilla Walker Maya Top - is one of my favourites.

Details - Pattern: Vogue 1247
Size: pattern was cut out as a size 10 so (thanks to some helpful advice on instagram) I added 3/8" on all side seams in the hopes of increasing it to a size 12.  It worked really well except I must have made a mistake on the waistband measurements and had to add a bit extra on but you can't really notice it.

Fabric & notions: 1 metre of pink cotton (twill?) which I got from a blog de-stash years ago, but unfortunately I can't find the blog I got it from now.  It has a lovely waffle texture to it and feels really good quality.
Were the instructions clear?:  I still found the instructions for attaching the waistband a bit confusing but the extra instructions a friend gave me last time really helped - you can find them at the bottom of my post about my first version of this skirt.  When I made this skirt four years ago I was a bit put off by the instructions and didn't bother doing the bias bound seams.  This time though I found the instructions easier and decided to go for it as it looks so good on the inside this way!
Any changes I'd make next time: Somehow I managed to cut my waistband piece too short even though I added on the 3/8" like I did with the other seams.  If I make it again it would be nice if I could get this right! Asides from that though no changes.  I had already added some length to this, maybe an inch or inch & a half, as it is pretty short as drafted.  However I don't think you'd want to add too much more than that as it might mess the proportions up a bit.
Total cost: None. The fabric was a gift, the binding was in my stash from years ago & I bought the pattern about 5 years ago and have previously used it so I'm not counting it as a cost.

I'm lending this pattern to someone now but when I get it back I'll definitely have a go at the top that's included with it as that was actually the reason I bought the pattern in the first place if I remember rightly.  Next up in my sewing queue is a Named patterns Inari tee - I've had it cut out since last September so it's high time I get it sewed up! What is everyone else working on? Anyone else planning on taking part in the Pattern Review Sewing Bee? I took part last year and it was great fun! I managed to get through to the second round before getting knocked out and am really hoping I can take part again this year.