Thursday, 2 July 2015

More sunny days

Another Kids Clothes Week has been and gone and once again I loved seeing what everyone else was making! I signed up this year but didn't get round to posting my projects on the KCW Community site this time round. This time I didn't get as much sewing done but I did get some essential shorts made - especially now that we're having a heatwave here in London! 

Both shorts are the Sunny Day shorts pattern from Oliver + S. This is a free pattern! As it's a kids pattern there arent' many pages to the PDF and the instructions are brilliant. I love this pattern! However I do find it runs a bit small and keep forgetting to use a smaller seam allowance than it reocmmends to compensate for this.  The first pair are exactly the same as the pair I made last year (I know, how boring. But I love them so!). The fabric was from Ray Stitch, an organic cotton, maybe a cotton/linen blend I'm not sure. The second pair are made from a lovely striped fabric, I think you'd call it a seersucker, which I won in a giveaway over at Anneke Caramin (if you don't already know Anneke's blog I recommend checking it out - she makes lots of gorgeous clothes as well as being a very talented artist). This is gorgeous fabric and aren't those pockets lovely?!

So those pockets, ahem, there's a story behind them. I managed to attach them twice, that's right twice, the wrong way round before third time lucky I got them right. By which point I'd completely forgotten I'd already trimmed the seam allowance so they are now quite a bit tighter than they should be. Given that this pattern seems to run a bit small anyway I don't think these will be fitting my son for much longer! The perils of drinking and sewing eh?! *Amendment - I totally forgot to say I used the Tutorial from Dana Made It for the pocket shape & instructions. I just drew a template like the one she uses then followed the instructions. Which are very good, if you've not been drinking.

oops, wine-induced sewing errors!