Completed quilts

My first quilt was started and completed in February 2016 and I've been hooked on quilting ever since! I am sure I don't use the best/'correct' techniques and most definitely am not a perfectionist but I get so much enjoyment out of making quilts and I enjoy the imperfections and wonky bits too!

Quilts completed in 2020

Kingfisher quilt

Quilts completed in 2019 

Bear Paw baby quilt

Improv quilt

Modern fans quilt

Starry skies quilt

Monochrome quilt

Maritime Quilt

Bear Paw quilt

Quilts completed in 2016

Little Critters quilt
Mod Melons quilt
Bow & Arrows quilt
Stack-o-cats quilt
Triangle quilt


  1. I love the triangles quilt. The colours are so pretty!

    1. Hi Caroline! Sorry for the late reply and thanks for your comment. It is a really nice colour combination isn't it?