Monday, 25 April 2011

My sewing machine

This is a photo of my lovely Bernina sewing machine. I have a great sentimental attachment to this sewing machine as it belonged to my mum, Christine Mackenzie. My mum was a wonderful artist, in addition to being the best mum I could ever have wished for, and most of her art work, particularly after me and my brother were born, was embroidery and textile based. The noise of a sewing machine going takes me back to my childhood! When my mum passed away I was clearing out her house and just could not bear to part with her sewing machine. I told myself I would make use of it. It has taken me over two and a half years, two house moves and one city move, to finally get round to using it!

I am hoping that this blog will work for me as a means of spurring me on in my sewing projects and keeping me enthusiastic when things get hard. I'm also hoping, of course, that it will be of interest to others, and that others might get some inspiration from my attempts at sewing in the same way that I've been getting so much inspiration from other sewing/craft blogs and style blogs I've been reading recently.  I'll also post things that have inspired me and other adventures from my new life in London.  Me and my husband moved down in September, having only got married earlier that year, in March - so a busy year last year!  When I moved down I spent the first 6 months commuting to another town, Winchester, so although I was living in London I wasn't spending a whole lot of time here mid-week.  I now have a job in London (which you can read more about here on my other blog) and with the Spring time here in full glory I am fully enjoying my life in a new home town - ok, city, but town fitted in better with the title of my blog!


  1. Bernina are the best! Your lovely sewing machine will be able to tackle any project with ease. Just imagine all the wonderful things it has been involved in creating over the years; and now you have lots of new sewing journeys to make with it.

  2. I know, it's lovely to think of all the projects the machine has been party to! I'll need to post some photos soon of my mum's artwork, particularly the free machine embroidery stuff - I think the main reason why she finally gave in and bought a new machine after having the same Singer one since her 20s was to do with free machine embroidery.