Monday, 14 May 2012

Signing up for another sew-along!

I so enjoyed participating in the pyjama party and think sew-alongs are the way forward for me in terms of learning to sew, keeping my motivation up and not getting discouraged when I find things a bit difficult.  So I was very happy to read that The Pretty Pickle is hosting a Sorbetto sewalong starting tomorrow! I've already really enjoyed making three sorbetto's but haven't deviated from the pattern at all.   Now is the time for some deviancy!

I'm still trying to decide between a Sorbetto dress a la TidyTipsy or using Sew Incidentally sleeve addition to do a short-sleeved Sorbetto with an inverted pleat (like Casey does here) .  If I'm feeling particularly brave I wondered about some two-toning in the style of the photo below (though with short sleeves not long).  I wonder if such a large pleat would work though? Would I need to sew it down each side of the pleat to sit flat?

Sorry, I can't remember the source for this image

So in answer to Sara at The Pretty Pickle's question's 'Have you made you final decisions yet? Are you ready to start cutting yet?' eh that'll be a no then - how to choose between so many great variations?! and fabric, I haven't even thought about that yet! I'm planning my first trip to Ray Stitch after work tomorrow and hoping that choosing a fabric will help me decide which variation to go for!


  1. Enjoy your sew along! I recently made up a Sorbetto with sleeves (and no pleat) - using the sew weekly sleeve pattern. I found the sleeve too large, so you might need to reduce the size, or have little gathers instead? Also, remember that the sleeve has 5/8" seam allowance, and the opening is only 1/4" :)

    Thanks for your message on my blog. Re the fabric I used for my Tova - I bought mine on sale last year, from an etsy seller but M is for Make stocks it ( - it's a bit pricey though!)

  2. Thanks so much for the sleeve tips. Think I'll wait till the weekend to get started on the sewing as sounds like it could be a bit more complicated than I could handle after a day's work!
    That M is for Make has some gorgeous fabrics, thanks for the links!