Friday, 6 July 2012

New fabrics and my first real sewing space

So although there hasn't been any sewing going on (except a dress repair for a wedding I'm going to), I have been buying some fabric! I couldn't resist the Liberty sale and came home with a metre of lovely Liberty digitally printed cotton. It's really soft and gorgeous colours of blue - my plan is to make a pair of PJ shorts with it. I also bought two printed cottons (quilting cotton?), which seemed quite stiff but after I washed them they're a lot softer and I'm planning to make them into basic pencil skirts.

I'm most excited about finding the blue and orangey/red polka dot fabric which I ordered online from M is for Make.  I've got so many favourite photos of my mum but the one below is one which always sticks in my mind, partly because she looks so happy but also because I really wanted the top she's wearing! I've had it in my mind for a while now that I'd like to recreate it so when I saw this fabric, which is pretty much perfect really, although the dots are slightly smaller I think, I couldn't resist!

However, there's been so much unpacking and tidying to do that, rather than start sewing, we went out to our new local pub for a nice refreshing drink!

There are lots of things I like about our new flat but the best thing is we now have the space for me to have a small sewing area! It's amazing being able to have my sewing machine out all the time as before I had to pack absolutely everything away after every use as our flat was too small.  All I've done so far is fix a dress (you can see it hanging in the window) but I'm looking forward to getting started on some proper sewing - and making use of my new sewing book the Colette Handbook!
My new sewing area!

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