Thursday, 11 June 2015

Me Made May 2015 round-up

So, it's the 11th of June and this is me finally rounding up my Me Made May 2015.  My aims were  to wear me-mades or re-fashioned clothes 3 days a week for the whole of May, and to make myself 3 new garments during May. I'm so happy I succeeded on both aims - yay!! Of the 31 days in May I wore something me-made 23 of the days. This year I didn't put myself under any pressure to document every day and I think that worked out well for me, I managed some photos but not every day.

Apologies in advance for this big list but I thought it would be useful for me to list what I did and didn't wear, so feel free to skip this part if it's a bit long!

Pink Tiny pocket tank - unblogged (2x)
'Lush life' tiny pocket tank (2x)
Pink Sorbetto (1x)
Green Sorbetto (1x)
New (Made in May) Scout tee - unblogged (1x)
'Sherbet' scout tee (1x)
'Sailing, I am sailing' scout tee (1x)
Bird kimono tee (5x)
Pink plantain - unblogged (2x)
White Banksia (2x)

'Wildwood flower' Colette meringue skirt (1x)
New (Made in May) Purple knit pencil skirt  - unblogged (1x) I would have worn this more if it hadn't stretched so much. It's currently sitting waiting to get some width cut off the waistband & restitched.

'Not such a disaster after all' tiny pocket tank maxi dress (2x)
New (Made in May) Teal plantain dress - unblogged (1x)

Me-makes I didn't wear -
Autumn colours circle skirt - I don't have any tops that go with this right now, plus the waistband is a bit snug.
Teal McCall's 2401 dress & beige McCall's dress (unblogged) - both are winter dresses for wearing with tights.
Liberty pyjama shorts (unbloggged) - not warm enough for them. STOP PRESS - summer is here and I'm pleased to say these have suddenly been getting lots of wear!

Quite a few me-mades have gone to the charity shop in the past year so it's not surprising there aren't many I didn't wear.  Definitely a RPO - repeat pattern offender - but I'm not ashamed of that! The colder May weather has once again made me realise I need to make some trousers. Maybe this will be the year of the trousers?!  Taking part in MMMay this year has made me realise just how often I wear the clothes I've made. That gave my sewing confidence a nice boost and spurred me on to make 3 new items in May (highlighted above in bold and hopefully to be blogged about in the future!). Asides from that I've got no big realisations from this year, just confidence and determination to continue sewing my own clothes, and confirmation of my love for bright colours.

I've absolutely loved taking part again this year, seeing everyone else's makes and being part of this amazing on-line, and real-life, sewing community.  Did you take part? Did it lead to any big sewing realisations?! or change/reaffirm your sewing plans? Thanks Zoe for being our organiser extrordinaire for another fun and inspiring year of Me Made May!


  1. Not heard the phrase RPO before!!! Good round up, I think it's really useful to understand what you wear and why. Making clothes is fun but wearing them is the cherry on the cake.

    1. Ha I like the idea of being a RPO, I just need to keep reminding myself of that when I'm tempted to buy new patterns! Yes, it's very satisfying to wear something you'ce created isn't it?

  2. Your clothes look lovely, colourful and bright. I realised I wear denim a lot or denim like fabrics, really a lot.

    1. Thank you! I love your wardrobe too, you mix plenty of colour in with your denim!

  3. Hah I'm a RPO too, big time in fact, but i love it. When you are on a good thing why change?!

    1. Absolutely!! In fact I've positively embraced it and have just finished my second Plantain dress, which I'll need to blog about as i absolutely love it!

  4. It makes such a difference seeing all these clothes in use, in everyday life. Your bird tshirt looks fantastic with the teal jeans. So many wonderful colors in your wardrobe! You pull them off beautifully. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks Claire! I do love bright colours!

  5. So fun to see your makes. Love the fact that you're a RPO - good to see I'm not the only one!

    1. Hi Elena, sorry I've only just seen this comment. Ha yes a fellow RPO!