Wednesday, 11 January 2012

A non-sewing roundup!

Well, a slightly belated Happy New Year to everyone!  Not much chance of a yearly round-up of sewing activity from me - as it's been distinctly lacking, particularly in recent months!  I had a bit of a disastrous attempt at making pyjama bottoms a few months ago and it totally through me off track.  I know I'm a complete beginner bit it still knocked my confidence a fair bit.  Followed by a pretty much steady stream of welcome visitors to our wee London flat over the next few months, it's fair to say my creative juices haven't exactly been flowing this past year.

Next year though, next year will be better. Oh wait a minute, that's this year already isn't it.  So, that's it, no excuses any more as I have no cash this month and therefore plenty of time to stay home and get back to learning how to sew.  This ties in with one of my resolutions for 2012 -
  • Buy less clothes/get back to learning how to sew 
This is really part of an attempt to consume less and spend less so I'm going to try and not substitute consuming fabric for consuming clothes.  Instead I'll try and work with the stash of fabric I have already and with altering charity shop buys and clothes I already have (one of my most successful sewing projects of last year - of which there are admittedly few) was my re-fashioning of my Timotei Dress.  More alterations and re-fashions are definitely on the cards.

The rest of my New Year resolutions are listed over at Archives and Auteurs if you're interested.

I've also been doing quite a bit of baking so I'm going to follow the suggestion of Toile & Trouble and start posting some of the results of that here as well.

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