Monday, 11 February 2013

Waistband problems

Hello there! I'm sure the probloem is more with me than with the waistband instructions but I'm kind of stuck. Last week I started working on a Vogue 1247 skirt - my aim being to have it finished by Sunday evening.  It was all going well until it came to the waistband.  I just can't make sense of the instructions and after one attempt of sewing it up then unpicking it all I thought I would ask if any of you kind readers can help me out?!

The problem starts with the first instruction ‘encase seam allowance on long unnotched edge of waistband, tapering to nothing at large circles’ – this sounds simple enough but I just can’t match the instructions up with the diagram.

First off -  am I right in thinking I’m doing this on the right side of the fabric, that’s what this looks like right? And it looks like the waistband is unfolded at this point so I don’t really understand why to stitch the seam allowance on to the right side of the fabric. However I decided to give this a go.
Next step - ‘with right sides together, fold waistband along foldline. Stitch ends and extension to large circle as shown’. Ok so I did this and was left with a long folded waistband which is only stitch together at the two ends but not in the middle on the notched side.
Next step - ‘turn waistband right side out. Press’ it looks like there’s stitching all the way along the notched side but I just can’t see this in any of the steps.

Am I being really thick here? Has anyone else who made this skirt had any problems with the waistband or is it just my complete inexperience that’s causing me problems here? If you’ve made this skirt and have any advice for me, or just have any advice in general about doing waistbands, I’d be really grateful for any help! I’m planning to have another go tonight and maybe just use my Reader’s Digest instructions on doing a waistband rather than following these ones.


  1. Hope you get there in the end. Apparently they're referred to by some as "Vague" patterns. I can see why, those instructions need a phrase book!

    1. haha well I'm really glad it's not just me that finds the instructions complicated! Thanks so much for your email advice - I got started on it last night and it seems to be making sense now. I thought I'd post your advice here once I've got it done, if you don't mind? Just in case anyone else finds the instructions for the waistband as confusing as I did!