Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Teal dress success

It's pretty obvious by now that I'm terrible at remembering to take photos of myself in things I make - partly this is because if I'm out having fun I forget to ask friends to take photos of me, but it's also just being a bit embarrassed about taking selfies! However I'm going to have to get over this - either by getting a tripod and getting over taking photos of myself, or by remembering to ask friends to take them for me. So this morning in the interests of this blog and my readers (hello there!) I asked my husband to take some photos before I left for work!

McCalls 2401

This dress is my third, and for now final, McCalls 2401.  Making the same pattern three times, without any alterations, might sound a bit boring but I've found it so helpful for developing my basic sewing skills.  This dress is by far the neatest and best-fitting of the three.  What a difference it made working with good quality fabric as well! I can't remember what this fabric is called but it's a bit silky so it doesn't need lining and it's got a really nice cross weave to it - although it also frays terribly!  The invisible zip is the most invisible I've done yet and I think the sleeves are also the neatest of the three dresses.  Every time I put it on to go to work I get a wee smile of satisfaction that 'I made this!' and it has really given my sewing confidence a real boost. 

McCalls 2401

The colour of this fabric just makes me so happy! I love teal and this is a particularly rich shade.  I think I may have just enough left for a tiny pocket tank too - bonus! Next up - get some photos of the second McCalls 2401 I made for a wedding - I wear it quite often at the weekends and love it too but have yet to remember to take a photo.
Love the colour!


  1. Looks great! And love the colour on you :)

    1. Hello Alex! Thank you, it's quite satisfying to see what an improvement this version is from my first toile - makes me realise I'm learning something after all!