Monday, 30 April 2012

Late to the party but at least I passed the finish line

Well, my first sew-along and I finished on time - yay! thought it would have helped if I'd remembered to put up this post last night for the pyjama party - doh! As a complete beginner to sewing I found the pace of the sew-along a real help as it stopped me doing my usual and rushing ahead without reading patterns. I think I could do with shortening the elastic a bit more to make them tighter, though whether I get round to doing this is another matter, I'm just happy to have a pair of PJ bottoms I can wear- yay! So a big thank you Karen, for restoring my confidence in my ability to learn to sew. I think more sew-alongs are the way forward!

As to what I'm reading, ok I know it's after 7am so I've missed the give-away but I'll add this in anyway. I'm reading a novel by Winifred Holtby South Riding.  It was first published in 1936, after Holtby's death at the age of just 37.  The book tells the story of a fictional community in Yorkshire, South Riding, in the 1930s and the reason I picked it up in the library is it tells of a young idealistic headmistress and her fight to improve education for girls.  This ties in with my current archivist post - cataloguing the records of a teaching union, the National Union of Women Teachers, who along with fighting for equal pay for women teachers also fought for equal educational opportunities for girls.  It may sound a bit dry but it's written in a really easy to read style and gives a very colourful depiction of life in the 1930s.

Trying to check if the hems are equal. Doesn't look it but I think they are, must be my legs that are squint heh heh!


  1. They are a really nice fit.

    Now you know how to make them you can look for some nice cosy brushed cotton and make a winter pair :-)

  2. My thoughts exactly! I might try and make a pair of shorts first for the summer, then some brushed cotton for the winter - maybe even put some pockets in there too!