Monday, 17 September 2012

This week I'm...

This week I'm... starting back work tired but happy after a weekend of sewing at Sew Over It in Clapham.  I did the Intro to Dressmaking weekend course, Saturday and Sunday 10 - 5.  It was so good and I'll write a full post about it later this week but I couldn't resist including a photo of me wearing the circle skirt I made on the Saturday! Everybody's makes from the weekend were so lovely and I'm so happy to have made my first skirt with a waistband and zip, and my first ever dress! Hopefully I'll get a chance to wear the shift dress on Thursday or Friday evening as I'm doing lots of reboxing at work which means lots of dirty, dusty boxes - not what I want to subject my new dress to, well not on its first outing!

wearing my new me-made circle skirt with my favourite Lotta from Stockholm sandals and an Oasis t-shirt
Making - still working on a tiny pocket tank. I didn't have enough of the pink cotton I brought back from Copenhagen so instead I'm using a lovely pink and white Betty Jackson fabric from the Clothhouse in Soho.  I didn't get any sewing done last week at all as I had a really busy week at work, plus an unexpected, very late, night mid-week when new neighbours moved in and held a party till 6.30am. Thankfully it appears to have been a one off!
Reading – I still haven't started Life by Keith Richards. I took it to the park a week past Sunday but got happily distracted by friends, husband, and beers! Instead I've become totally engrossed in Scott Bukatman's BFI Classics book Blade Runner - it was great to get the chance to sit and read on the tube to and from Clapham on Saturday and Sunday.
Listening – a lot of Alisdair Roberts if the weekend was anything to go by, where I was listening to Farewell Sorrow right through , then flipping it right back to side A again for another listen.
Watching – I overdid it on the CSI and Without a Trace last week so I'm going to have a break from TV this week. Some sewing, and lots of housework early on in the week then we've got friends arriving on Thursday night so there will be no place for tv watching from then through till Sunday - yay!
Planning –  what skirt to start on making - attempt to use my self-drafted pattern? or make a Colette Ginger? or a Colette Meringue? too many choices!
Loving – Sew Over It for their fantastic 2 day dressmaking course and their super friendly and helpful sewing teachers; London in the Autumn - lots of crisp sunny mornings already yay!; this archive blog Awesome Archives; my work!


  1. I love your new circle skirt - it's a really nice length and the fabric is gorgeous!

    1. Hello! Thank you! I wasn't so sure about the pattern on the fabric when I bought it, I just loved the Autumn colours. However I much prefer the fabric now it's made-up into the skirt! Did you ever find that skirt you'd been making?!

  2. Fantastic skirt and I think the fabric looks great. Looking forward to seeing your dress!