Monday, 24 September 2012

This week I'm...

Making - still working on a tiny pocket tank! I've been having too much fun hanging out with husband and friends at the weekend, and too busy with work during the past week to do any sewing.  I'm also planning on taking part in Megan Nielson's Banksia sew-along - I have the fabric all washed and ready, just need to get some matching buttons.
Reading - I'm getting really into Life by Keith Richards and am close to finishing Bladerunner by Scott Bukatman, which is definitely going to be followed by another viewing of Bladerunner.
Listening - there was a lot, a lot of Prince going on at the weekend but this week I'm going back to country as I watched Crazy Heart again yesterday and it really put me in the mood for some Gram Parsons and Willy Nelson!
Watching - I watched so many films at the weekend - Crazy Heart, We Bought a Zoo, Groundhog Day.  This week if I want to get some sewing done it'll be some easy watching to accompany cutting and pinning - which for me means CSI and Without a Trace.
Planning - my Autumn wardrobe! Tonight I unpacked my winter clothes from their suitcase and packed up some of my real 'summer' clothes that won't be likely to be used much now till next Spring. I thought I still wore lots of brights in the autumn but the A/W pile is depressingly darker than S/S!

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