Monday, 20 May 2013

Me Made May 2013 - weeks 2 and 3 round-up

I can't believe it's week 3 of Me Made May already! My pledge was-

'I, Kathryn of Kathryn’s Busy Town, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May '13. I endeavour to wear one me-made or re-fashioned item of clothing or jewellery each day for the duration of May 2013'

So far I've managed it though there have been a few repeats, and will be many more in the next two week, especially if the weather doesn't improve!

I feel like this has been a very valuable experience for me in thinking about what I should concentrate on making and how much wear I get out of the things I've made already. I'm really pleased that I do get so much wear out of a lot of the things I've made and am really surprised that in 19 days I've only had 2 repeats. I didn't realise I'd made that many things already.

Week 2

The image links through to my Me Made May Flickr set but I thought I'd include a quick description of the item here, along with a note on wearability. 

Day 6 - coral jersey maxi-skirt. Unblogged.  This is very fitted as I didn't realise about measuring both the waist and the hip - pretty important when your hips are waay bigger than your waist! As a result this is confined to a weekend skirt as it wouldn't be very practical for work, especially getting up and down ladders!
Day 7 - re-fashioned thrift store dress (I got it in LA so I can say thrift store here I think). Blogged.  In warm weather this gets worn loads, I love it.
Day 8 - Megan Nielson Banksia.  Blogged.  I love this and am sure I'll get lots of wear out it, though I've realised it only really looks good tucked in as it's quite boxy at the waist.
Day 9 - Circle skirt.  Blogged. Now that I've re-hemmed this it will definitely get more wear, though I've discovered circle skirts aren't so good on a windy day!
Day 10 - Elisalex dress.  Blogged.  I really love this dress and will definitely get a lot of wear from it.  However as I've made the hem quite short it is definitely a party dress rather than an everyday one.
Day 11 - Colette Meringue. Blogged.  Another very new make and definitely a new wardrobe staple.  I love this skirt and it's so comfy for sitting at a computer all day with the lower waist facing rather than a high waistband.
Day 12 - Grainline Tiny Pocket Tank. Unblogged.  Unfortunately although I was happy with the lace insert on the sleeves I've somehow managed to get the size of this one all wrong and it's way too tight under the arms. A learning experience then.

Week 3

Day 13 - re-fashioned denim skirt, previously a dress. Unblogged. Not much to say, this was a dress with shirring at the waist so I just chopped it off and sewed some new seams.  I'll definitely wear this much more now.
Day 14 - Colette Sorbetto.  Blogged.  This one gets a lot of wear. I should definitely make more of these as they're so versatile.
Day 15 - Sew Over It shift dress. Blogged.  I've worn this so much that the stitching is starting to look a bit worn and loose on the back seam, even though it was overlocked.  This may be down to the delicate bamboo cotton fabric. I need to use this pattern again - no zips!
Day 16 - Colette Meringue again.
Day 17 - Colette Sorbetto. Blogged.  My first successful make and I still love it, despite its many imperfections.
Day18 - McCalls 2401.  Unblogged.  I love this and really need to blog about it. I got a lot of help from a friend with getting the fit right on this and it shows. Definitely need to make more use of this pattern.
Day 19 - Tunic top, drafted by a friend.  Unblogged.  I love this and will need to ask my friend if I can trace off the pattern as I'd love to make more.  If I added just a bit more length this could be a lovely dress too.

So there we go, three weeks down and another 2 to go.  Seriously running out of clothes now so I apologise now for all the repeats that will undoubtedly come up!


  1. Glad you have enjoyed MMM'13 and you have nice outfits too!I first joined in Me Made June 11 and since then have always worn at least one item each day.I was glad I joined as it gave me the confidence to wear my own clothes without thinking that people would just view me as an eccentric old lady wearing home made oddities!

    1. One item a day since 2011 - that's amazing! Yes, I'm surprised by how mcuh it's improved my confidence already as well.

  2. Glad you like the jersey tunic top. Perhaps I should attempt a PDF pattern...