Monday, 13 August 2012

New Monday posts and.. I'm a winner!

I just discovered a lovely new blog Peas and Needles and thought I'd shamelessly copy her 'just a minute' series. Instead of a monthly update I'm going to go for a weekly one on a Monday as I'm planning to use it as motivation to keep on the sewing learning curve and stop me getting too discouraged by my slow progress! 

So. This week I'm...

Making - some more pyjamas, this time pj shorts
Listening – William Basinki's Disintegration Loops
Watching – no more Olympics, what to watch?!
Planning – to make a jersey maxi skirt
Loving – the lift I get every time I see the watercolours and photographs of flowers & fauna created by Rosemary's Blog.  Recent favourite - purple clemetis.

Practising buttonholes

And tonight? I'm... practising buttonholes for a ribbon opening on the pair of PJ shorts I'm working on. Far right was the first attempt, far left the most recent - I think there's an improvement but maybe that's just what I want to see!

And last, but by no means least I'm super excited to have won a sewing giveaway hosted by the lovely Shivani at Pins & Needles! When I'd just started this blog Shivani was kind enough to leave me some encouraging comments.  I was so pleased to receive comments from someone whose blog I' ve enjoyed since I started reading sewing blogs. When she posted about her giveaway I immediately fell for the Vintage Simplicity 4947, even though I think I'll need to grade it up (is that the right term?!) as it might be too small.  It's just the perfect pattern for this vintage Liberty fabric I've got (which you can see here) so I'm so so happy to have won! Also, only 3 main pattern pieces - sounds appealing right?!


  1. Oh lucky you! Looking forward to seeing the end result. And what a good idea for a weekly progress report. Great way to stay motivated!

    1. Thank you! Yes, it's worked this week to keep motivated - finger's crossed I can keep it up!