Monday, 27 August 2012

This week I'm...

Making -a toile with my newly drafted skirt block - exciting!
Reading – back to John Cheever's Collected Stories - I've been reading this book for over a year and although I'm really enjoying it the stories are quite similar in style so I tend to read it in fits and starts.
Listening – rediscovering Joanna Newsom's Have One On Me. This kept me calm whilst doing the maths calculations on the skirt block.
Watching – I've got plans to make a tiny pocket tank, plus fix the gaping back on a pair of jeans before we go on holiday so I doubt I'll be watching much this week.
Planning – our holiday to Copenhagen next Saturday!
Loving – the corded loop pocket tutorial on Coletterie.  I'm thinking of trying to incorporate this into a Sorbetto dress I've got planned for making when we get back our holidays.

and today? I finished hemming my jersey maxi-skirt today and I love it! I'll write up a post about it another day when I can get a photo of me wearing it.  This was my first time using my twin needle and only my second time sewing with jersey (I've currently got a half-finished kimono sleeve t-shirt that I started last week).  Right now I'm enjoying watching The Ladykillers (original version) whilst cutting out and sticking together my Grainline Tiny Pocket Tank pattern.  What a great bank holiday weekend this has been!  I've relaxed a bit about living in London and, rather than feel guilty about all the things I could be out and about seeing, I'm just enjoying having the time to spend at home, sew, listen to music and watch films.  Though I did go to Notting Hill Carnival yesterday so I have left the house!

Writing these weekly updates and plans has been really helping me stick to sewing plans.  I know it's only been a few weeks I've been doing them but hopefully I'll be able to keep the motivation and good planning up!


  1. Wow! Aren't you busy? Well done on your hem, I'd bee too scared to try that! I love weekends spent at home sewing and pottering without guilt, aren't they the best?

    1. The jersey I was working with on the skirt was quite thick, and definitely easier to sew with than my first attempt with a really fine knit. Also, it was really cheap jersey which makes me much less scared of ruining it!
      I think lack of guilt is the key to good pottering!