Saturday, 14 May 2011


Image from pamphlet in the IOE Archive (I wrote about it here)

something I am really terrible at! I have really been going a bit overboard recently - meals out, concert tickets, clothes - I need to learn to limit myself to what I can actually afford, and to add monthly savings into my outgoings before I spend on other things.

So, on this note I made another purchase... don't worry it was only ceramic/glass glue.  I had this lovely coaster I got in a thrift store in San Francisco last year. Sadly the coaster broke in my suitcase on the way home and I'd left it like this for the past year. So I fixed this with my new glue and while I was at it I fixed my favourite tea caddy, a great find from the Salvation Army shop on Dumbarton Road in Glasgow (I'd recommend a visit to anyone in the area, it's usually guaranteed to turn up some good finds). I broke the tea caddy on one of my clumsy mornings, obviously before I'd had the caffeine needed to get me started, and I was so sad, but determined to fix it.

my newly fixed coaster and tea caddy (sorry for bad lighting)
So, two fixes, not exactly things I'd have rushed out to replace, so I guess not really helping with the budgeting, but it makes me feel more 'thriftful' and hey, it's a start!

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