Saturday, 14 May 2011

Time is (not) on my side

I'm writing this quickly as I prepare to go on holiday - without my new top sadly! I was up till 1am trying to make it last night and I've learned so much in the process - like make sure that I am following the correct pattern instructions. yes, I started out so well and thought I was going to get it done in time, took a break, then started again but followed the wrong pattern (for a top with sleeves rather than the basic shell top) so I unpicked the side seams and the shoulders and I'll continue it when I get back rather than rushing it.

On the plus side I did get the lace insert for my denim dress finished and attached so I now have a 'new' dress to take with me, plus the other dress I fixed the straps on, and my re-hemmed jeans - so pretty good going for a novice in her first month of sewing.

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