Friday, 20 May 2011

Future Fridays

I'm away on holiday this week so hopefully right now I'm lying on a beach somewhere on the Amalfi coast the day after two friends got married.  Actually you could say I'm hiding whilst I'm writing this, like I'm speaking but with my head hid behind a cushion to hide my red face...

This is a definite future Friday project, waaay in the future! It all started on a Friday morning. Feeling inspired by all the style and sewing blogs I've been readings recently I have been pulling all the stuff out the back of my wardrobe to see what I can fix or alter to wear.  I thought I'd hit gold when I found a lovely creamy/beige linen dress from ASOS. I bought it last summer but completely forgot about it because I'd packed it away for the wintertime move to London.  I got it out, put it on, accessorised nicely, and put on my bright pink coat over it. 

Well, I can't tell you how lucky I am I wore that coat - it's got ripped lining, it really needs a good wash, but in spite of all that it saved me from huge embarrassment - which I will now share as these types of embarrassing/clumsy things do tend to happen to me on a fairly regular basis so there's no point in trying to pretend otherwise.  To get to the point, I got into work, went into the office, took my coat off, only for colleague to exclaim, Kathryn, your zip is undone! Turns out the zip right down the back of my dress was not only undone, but had broken!  If I hadn't had a long coat on I'd have been done for public indecency (I exaggerate slightly but it would have been terribly embarrassing!).  Luckily my colleague managed to get the zip fixed but I kept my cardy on till lunch & was so worried it was going to come apart again.  At lunchtime I popped out to Oasis & got a lovely lace skirt, a few sizes too big but a bargain at £10 (another future project to resize it.)  I matched it with a bluebell coloured vest top for £12 - both things that I will wear lots, and it didn't cost me much.  So the day turned out ok, but if it hadn't been for the coat it could have been another story.

I have never inserted a zip so I guess a dress that's unwearable as it is is a good place to start - I sure can't make it any worse!

Do these kind of embarrassing things happen to everyone?  I have so many stories like this, for example getting on the tube last month with dirt marks on my face (which must have come off the escalator on the tube - eeww!), quite a few folk looked at me very strangely before one kind lady informed me I had dirt on my face and offered me a tissue.  I thanked her profusely whilst turning a deep shade of scarlet.  I've never done the pants tucked into the skirt thing yet so I guess that's something to be thankful for.  What are other people's embarrassing stories? care to share?!

Amalfi Coast


  1. Managed to go out for the evening with two mismatched boots on - one above the knee, the other below the knee.....i only noticed on the way home, it explained a few odd looks that I had been getting!

  2. haha, I remember you telling me that story now. I was telling friends on holiday and all the girls seemed to have at least one fashion mishap like that - one involving a burst zip, but on the front of the dress aargh!