Friday, 6 May 2011

Future Fridays?

I think people tend to fall into two camps - those who like going out on a Friday night after work, and those who like to go home and relax.  I tend to fall increasingly into the latter camp - I like to get home, pour a nice glass of wine, cook some food, and then maybe watch some CSI, a film, or listen to music... or now, sew!!

I've got so many things I'd like to make - pieces of fabric I've got that I'd like to use, jewellery I'd like to make, clothes I'd like to alter or need to fix - that I thought that would be a good thing for a Friday night.  Maybe more the small things like fixing, altering, and making jewellery than actually making clothes as I'm not sure I trust myself with scissors and a sewing machine after a glass of wine.  This is not because I'm a lush, although maybe one glass does tend to lead to two, or three..  It's because I'm incredibly clumsy and have had a few accidents with both scissors, and sewing, in the past.  Most memorably cutting the top of one of my fingers as a child when doing craft work - this was on the Island of Iona (a beautiful, but tiny, island in the north of Scotland, luckily with a doctor in residence).  It turned out fine, it was only a wee slice of finger, and it got re-attached - pretty gross though, and not something I want to repeat!

So, my first Friday project - I have this Mango denim dress I bought last year.  I love it but I find the front of it a bit too revealing and feel self conscious when I'm wearing it.  On one of my daydreams about what I can make/alter I remembered about a box of old handkerchiefs that belonged to a Great Aunt.  I got the box out and had a look through to see if there were any with lace on them that would work as an insert for the v-neck on the dress.  I think this one (pictured below) will do the job quite nicely.  Though I'm thinking it might be a time for hand sewing over the machine? It's quite delicate material and I'm not sure what will happen when I cut it? Any advice on what type of stitch I should do when I cut horizontal to the top of the triangle?  I was wondering about using one of the other sides of the lovely triangular edging to put above the cut out flower part but I'm not sure my hand stitching in neat enough, maybe the machine would be better? 

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