Sunday, 31 July 2011

Just one Sorbetto...

Well, maybe not, I already have plans for number 2 and number 3.  I've finally joined the ranks of the Sorbetto top wearers - after loving all the different versions I'd seen on-line I couldn't resist having a go myself. I finished my first one on Tuesday night so that I could wear it on Wednesday night when I was going to meet friends in Lincoln's Inn Fields park after work. Stupidly I forgot to take any photos of me wearing it in the park so instead you get another boring photo of me in our home.

I'd read so many blog posts about making the Sorbetto and noticed that quite a few of them mentioned that the length was a bit on the short side. I added a wee bit (can't remember how much) but it still wasn't quite enough so for my next one I'll add a bit more.

This top hardly cost anything to make as the peachy/pink cotton blend was from my mum's stash. I've been carrying it about for years and am so happy to have put it to use.  It's difficult to tell from the photos but the fabric has a lovely fleck through it. The bias tape is made from a pink/white striped fabric by Betty Jackson which cost £10 a metre - quite expensive I know but then I've only used a tiny square of it, in fact I'm sure I've got enough to make another Sorbetto out of what's left! 

The only problem I had with it was, in my determination to finish it for my Wednesday deadline, I came home from a meal out with Oliver and some friends, and 3 bottles of beer down decided I'd be fine to sew the bias tape to the armholes and press and sew the seam.  The armholes came out fine with no incidents to report however the seam wasn't quite so seamless (excuse the terrible pun).  I managed to press my arm as well as the seam and now have a rather large unsightly burn on the underside of my forearm!  I'd like to say 'Lesson Learned' and that I will never ever use the iron or sewing machine after a few beers or glasses of wine.  However I know that to be an untruth as I am terribly impatient sometimes and if I only have a wee bit left to finish off something then a few beers is not going to stop me!

It's a sunny Sunday afternoon and although I feel I should be outside enjoying it I think I'm going to stay in and cut out my next Sorbetto instead.  I don't feel too guilty though as we've had a lovely weekend with my Dad and his wife who've been down visiting us.  We've been out walking all over London, stopping for sherry and Tapas at a great place on Bermondsey street called 'Jose' (another drink to add to my ever-growing list of drinks I never used to like but now do), stopping by the Royal Festival hall for a drink (with the added bonus of seeing all the fantastic clothes at the Vintage at Southbank festival), and finishing it all off last night with dinner at Mangal2 on Stoke Newington Road - basically walking eating and drinking our way round London - fantastic!


  1. Hi Kathryn - this looks great!

    I learned the hard way that it's best to stay away from any crafting after even the smallest of tipples!

  2. Hello! thank you Shivani, I don't think my photos ever really do the colours of the fabric justice though, I really need to improve my photo skills.

    Yes, at least I didn't ruin any sewing with this mishap but think I really need to take it as a lesson and save the wine for after the sewing is finished!