Sunday, 17 July 2011

'Cult of Beauty' inspired make-up bag

I had a busy week the week I went to the fabric brooch making workshop as only two nights later I was at another workshop. This was a zipper clinic at the Make Lounge in Angel.  I've never put a zip in before and on my limited experience of reading sewing books it's quite difficult to pick something up without seeing someone else do it so I thought this would be a perfect introduction.  Also, that little disaster I had with a zipper on a dress made me realise it'd be a very handy thing to be able to fix!

The workshop was full and everyone was really friendly.  It's a nice big workshop space, not as cute & cosy as the We Make summer pop-up shop but still a nice space.  The pace of the workshop was pretty fast actually, and they seemed pretty keen to get us all out on time - fair enough I guess but it did feel a bit rushed.  However the girl who taught us was really good and more than happy to go over things again, and again - I found it all quite tricky. By the end of it though I'd done a passable normal zip, a concealed zip and learned lots of useful tips such as moving the zipper round the needle whilst sewing.  We also all got to choose from a lovely selection of oilcloth and make our own make-up bag.  As usual my immediate reaction was to go for the brightest, most garish colour combinations - I picked up a lime-green with a contrasting bright pink zipper. However when I saw the William Morris inspired design below I had to change my mind. 

William Morris and the Arts & Crafts movement has been on my mind a lot recently, ever since I went to the 'Cult of Beauty' exhibition at the V&A.  I wish I'd had a chance to go back again as it was such an inspiring, and truly beautiful exhibition.  So I'm glad I chose this fabric for my make-up bag instead, I'll think of the exhibition now when I look at.  I'd definitely recommend this workshop if, like me, you're new to sewing and have never put a zip in before.  Even if you had it'd still be a good fun workshop to go to.

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