Sunday, 19 June 2011

High living


That's us just back from our weekend in Glasgow. The wedding we were at was at Pollok House, a beautiful stately home in Pollok Park. I've been going to Pollok Park and the Burrell Collection since I was a child but before Saturday I had never been in Pollok House itself. What a spectacular setting for a wedding! The ceremony itself was in the library - the whole day was lovely. The bride looked so elegant and beautiful in the dress made for her by Toile and Trouble and the whole day was lovely. it was great to get to catch up with friends, get a good dance, and get a nosy round a lovely stately home.

I thought I'd include a photo of me enjoying wearing my newly re-fashioned dress.  I was so happy to get it finished in time and when I was packing on Thursday night I suddenly remembered about a lovely green bag I'd inherited from a Great Aunt which matched perfectly.

In other news I had a £20 book token which I received for being a mentor to a friend studying her Masters in Archives (though I feel a bit of a fraud as she really doesn't need my help at all - though I do enjoy talking about archives with her, well I enjoy talking about archives anyway!).  So I decided to use this book token to treat myself to the Reader's Digest Complete Guide to Sewing as I've been continually renewing the copy I got from Camden Library 2 months ago.  It's lovely to have my own copy and I'm sure it's going to come in very handy for the next stage of Make & Mend 2011 - I have 3 jackets to fix.  Thanks to Shelley's tutorial I now feel more confident about mending the tears in the lining.  The other fix on all three is putting back on buttons.  I've reattached buttons before only for them to fall off again within a month so I think I'll have a good read through the section in the book on buttons before I get started.  Of course if anyone has any personal tips on securing buttons properly I'd love to hear them!

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