Wednesday, 8 June 2011

My first group sewing project!

I'm a little bit nervous.. ok I'll admit it I'm hugely nervous, what on earth have I done signing myself up for a sewing project when I'm such a complete novice! However I just couldn't resist the New Vintage Lady's Make and Mend 2011.

I have lots of fabric that I have inherited from my mum.  I remember there always being a big pile of gorgeous fabrics in the linen cupboard that were always going to be something - however my mum was an artist - textile and embroidery - and that always took precedence over making clothes.  When my mum passed away I just couldn't bear to throw it out, so along it all came with the sewing machine and threads.  It's only now, two and a half years later, that I'm starting to learn how to use this much-loved machine!  So I thought this would be the perfect project to start with -
  • use fabric you already have for a new project - I have a few ideas for this, one with a vintage liberty print, another with a small piece of mustard coloured cashmere
  • repair/mend 5 things from 'fix' pile - I've been doing lots of this already but still have plenty left!
  • repurpose at least 1 piece of fabric - I'm not sure if this counts but I have a lovely green/yellow/white flower print dress on which the elastic on the smocking has all stretched. It's not too long, sits funny and it only has ribbons for straps.  I'd like to take it up & re-hem it, use the material I've cut off the bottom to make proper straps, and (if this isn't ridiculously out of my depth, then redo some of the broken and stretched elastic).  Is this a re-purpose?
I've now signed up and joined the Flickr group - anyone else want to join in?!


  1. I can relate to your story. My mother died in 2005, and she was a professional seamstress. When she was alive, I never wanted to learn to sew. When she passed away, I inherited all of her sewing materials and just took it up. I use her machine to make all my clothes.

    You can completely do this!
    Yay sewing!

  2. Thanks Shelley! I'm looking forward to the challenge, for me one of the main challenges will be to spend more time sewing and less time reading all the wonderful sewing blogs I've discovered!

    I don't know if you feel the same but when I sit down in front of the sewing machine I love to think of how many hours my mum spent in front of it. I'm sure she'd be proud, though slightly mystified as to why it took me so long to get caught up in the magic of sewing!