Thursday, 23 June 2011

Progress on 'Use Fabric You Already Have'

This is what I'm currently working on - the laptop sleeve from Say Yes to Hoboken's free tutorial on Grosgrain. The cashmere mustardy yellow is form my stash - well actually it's from my mum's stash so it's been in a stash a loong time and is high time it got used up! I just bought the teal fabric from the scraps bx at John Lewis and I thought it was a great colour to line it with - not that you need to line a lap top sleeve, I just wanted some practice of lining, plus I like lots of colours together, one colour is never enough! Oh yes, and the mouse? Well the mouse is a pin cushion made by my mum, probably before I was born. I've always loved him with his wee hat, and I'm so glad I'm actually making use of him now.

So this teal fabric I bought to line it with? Well it sure is a lovely colour but it's also really slippery fabric which caused me lots of problems with my other part of the plan - quilting the lining.  First off I tried it on a scrap, which is what you can see in the photo below, and it seemed pretty easy.  I think because the scrap was quite small it was easy to hold, plus I didn't try and draw lines to keep it straight I just went for it.  I liked the effect so decided last night to get started on the lining itself.

Ha! This time it was a lot harder - the fabric is so slippery and I don't have a cutting mat so when I was trying to draw the lines on, on a polished slidey wooden table, the fabric kept moving about.  Then when I started sewing it the needle started pulling occasionally on threads in the opposite direction.  I'm not sure why this is happening? Am I using the wrong needle? Or maybe the needle is blunt?  Well I got half the lining done last night and will get on with the rest on Friday hopefully.  We've had friends staying earlier in the week and we're off out for dinner with them tonight - Mexican, yum.  I have to say - I really never thought I'd get this addicted to sewing! I can't stop thinking about it, is this normal?!!

And can anyone tell me what the above quilting technique is called? Is it just 'quilting'? I tried looking up 'effect of the outside of Barbour jacket' but couldn't get anything (I know for an archivist my subject term ability is embarrassingly poor outside of work). I couldn't find anything about it in my Reader's Digest guide either. 

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