Sunday, 26 June 2011


Woo hoo - all finished!  With a few squinty lines, a bit of a problem with the inside seams (I forgot to overlock the edges and the fabric started to fray a bit!), and some very slippery lining - I finally finished the laptop sleeve from Say Yes to Hoboken's free pattern on over at Grosgrain.  I'm sure for sewers with more experience than me it would be a quick job of a few hours as the instructions are very easy to follow and there aren't many pattern pieces.  However it took me a lot longer than that, partly because I decided to line it and quilt the lining, but I loved the whole process (ok there were a few sighs and sweary words at times but I still enjoyed it as I know I'm learning so much).  It's a bit squinty and I'm having problems with that - no matter how hard I try I just can't seem to cut straight lines! Any tips or advice on this?  I think the cashmere also changed shape slightly along the top seam  as I'm sure it was reasonably straight before I had to sew it down.  It is quite stretchy fabric, maybe I should have been using a thicker needle? So it doesn't look nearly as chic and neat as the one in the picture but hey, it's mine, I'm happy with it, and now I know I need way more practice at cutting, and sewing, in straight lines!

I did ask Oliver to take a photo of me holding the laptop case but I forgot to put suncream on my shoulders today when we were in the park so I have pale arms and red shoulders - not a good look.

The tester bit of quilting I did is just big enough to work as a camera case so that's what I'm going to do with it.  There's enough of the cashmere left too so I'm going to make it to match the laptop sleeve. Matching accessories - yay!


  1. Straight lines are my nemesis too. I can't even seem to draw one with a ruler! A set square helps no end and can be used at the point of machine sewing to identify your stitching line. A few wonky seam allowances never hurt anyone and if you start out with relatively large ones the wonkiness will matter even less as it can be trimmed if need be.

  2. Aah thanks for the tip, a set square makes perfect sense, but I wouldn't have thought of it myself! I was also thinking a cutting mat might help to ensure I cut straight lines. And thanks for the reassurance's on wonky seams!