Tuesday, 14 June 2011

And at the top of the mending pile...

I just counted my jackets - bad idea. I have 13, yes, you heard right 13! Is that normal? It seems just slightly excessive to me, I mean really, who needs that many jackets?! Never mind that all but 5 of them are vintage/charity shop buys (see, already I'm trying to placate myself that I'm not really such a insatiable consumer). The thing is I do wear them all, in fact I wear them so much that 3 of them need mending all at once. You can see the repairs needed to this one. 

This is the middle of the back of the jacket - it's slightly too small for me hence it ripped when I leaned over in my office chair to pick up my bag - oops! However it was a bargain from a vintage shop on Great Western Road in Glasgow, it's a lovely bright blue wool and as the label says it does indeed 'Match any weather' so I'd like to fix it and I'll just need to take my jacket off before making any sudden movements!

The next mend is my pink coat (my saviour on this occasion so I want to do a good job of mending it).  I got it in Kinji, a vintage clothes shop in Tokyo so it's also got lots of happy memories attached to it of our trip to Japan.  Does anyone have any recommendations on the best way to fix these?  I'm thinking I'm going to have to put a scrap of material behind the tear and sew round the edges by hand.  Is this the best method? I looked in my sewing machine book and unfortunately I don't have the foot it says to use for darning so I think it'll need to be handsewing.

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